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Mr. Showalter was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, and has lived on Aruba, in Florida, the Panama Canal Zone and Israel. He has served in both the U.S. army and the Israel Defense Forces.

He has written many articles dealing with the Israel-Arab conflict, some of which are still floating around on the World Wide Web. He has four reasonably well behaved and mature children, all of whom live in Israel. Mr. Showalter has worked as an ornamental wood turner, as a silver and gold smith, a furniture maker and restorer and as a gardener. He spent many years in the high-tech industry, both in the United States and in Israel, as both a programmer and as manager of software testing departments. But what he really loves to do is plot and write stories. "Research is fun, if you do it right..."

The author, gazing wistfully at a chunk of water

"After reading all three of Mr. Showalter's books, I really feel like the character Terry Rankin is a friend and close neighbor that I know very well. "Twisted Key" is his very best work, and I recommend it highly. Action and suspense packed, a book for both men and women to enjoy."

Sheila B, San Jose, Cal.

"I just finished reading your book, 'The Big Bend' and I really liked it.  I bought the book over the weekend at your book signing in Green Cove and wanted to tell you how much I like this book and am looking forward to reading 'Hog Valley'. I usually try to figure out 'who done it' before the end of the book, but I had to finished the story to know 'who did it'. Thank you for a good read. Thank you again for a really good book, I look forward to reading all your books."

J. Perkins, Orange Park, FL 

If you are not yet familiar with Gary Showalter's work, he has been described as a master of descriptive writing, with excellent character development, tremendous scene description and short, punchy action scenes. Gary Showalter writes with a wry, sardonic sense of humor, and his work treats romance as it should be; lightly, gently, and with a quirky understanding of the tender side of human nature.

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