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Murder & Mayhem in Florida. Who'd do such a thing?


Gary Showalter writes in the tradition of John D. MacDonald, Elmore Leonard, James Grippando, and Carl Hiassen.

His novels have been called 'impossible to put down'.



If you are not yet familiar with Gary Showalter's work, he has been described as a master of descriptive writing,

with excellent character development, tremendous scene description and short, punchy action scenes.

Gary Showalter writes with a wry, sardonic sense of humor, and his work treats romance as it should be; lightly, gently, and with a quirky understanding of the tender side of human nature.




Listen to the "Hog Valley" promo

The audio book versions of both "The Big Bend" and “Hog Valley” should soon be available through this web site.  Setting up the distribution and ceckout systems is nowhere as easy as it should be, but those problems will be taken care of some day real soon now.

Neill D. Hicks, a long-time author and screenwriter, is the narrator and producer of the audio version of "Hog Valley", as he was for “The Big Bend”.

We will be producing  “Twisted Key” and “Lonesome Cove” in the same format over the next year. The fifth novel in the Terry Rankin series, titled "Standing Wave", is still being written (these things always take more time than they should).

You can get an idea of how “Hog Valley” sounds as an audio book by listening to the commercial promo using the link above.

Please use the “Contact the Author” link on the left side of this page to let us know what you think, or just drop the author a line by writing to him at

Gary Showalter's latest novel

Released April, 2012

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